Banco do Brasil joins the metaverse

English Dec 19, 2021

The traditional Brazilian banking institution issued a press release on its official website about the start of operations in Metaverse. The note revealed few details about his involvement in this new world, but it served as a teaser to excite the community about what's to come.

Among the few details shared, the bank stated that there will be "the existence of investment funds with a sustainable footprint", a strategy that goes in line the principles and values ​​of this technology-attuned generation.

In the game, players will be able to open accounts and receive benefits for their character. Jobs will also be offered, such as an ATM provider, responsible for working with remittances, including driving a bulletproof strong car, just like in Brazillian real life.

The “Complexo” let's the gamer come through the virtual Banco do Brasil building, based on the existing headquarters in Brasília, and promotes a virtual tour of the historic building that houses the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Tadeu Figueiró, executive manager of Banco do Brasil, the motivation to be part of Metaverso is something much bigger than a marketing action:

"This virtual environment that interacts with elements from the real world, expands our eSports platform to dealing with money, investment and simulation of face-to-face situations within virtual reality. It's another step towards building the future of a bicentennial institution eager for innovations that provide collaborative and immersive experiences.”


Morel Hernandes

Writer passionate about politics, economics, blockchain and crypto-currencies.