The main maintainer of Bitcoin Core, Wladimir van der Laan, decided to assume a "background function" to further decentralize the project.

Bitcoin Core is the key software that underpins the Bitcoin network. Although van der Laan's work is mainly maintenance, ensuring that it runs smoothly, many in the community see him as a kind of leader. As van der Laan puts it, it has become something of a "centralized bottleneck".

His announcement came after he met a controversy on Thursday. Some Bitcoin users did not like his decision to remove the white paper from, following legal threats from Craig Wright. But van der Laan says that this decision to withdraw from Core is one he has been thinking about for some time.

He believes that this measure will help to decentralize the project, a digital currency that should not have leaders. "One thing is clear: this is a serious project now and we need to start taking decentralization seriously," said Wladimir van der Laan.