Bitcoin could be accepted as payment on Xbox

English Mar 23, 2021

Tech giant Microsoft is considering including Bitcoin as a payment option on its Xbox gaming platform.

In surveys conducted with its users, the company is asking "which of these other payment methods would you like to use on Xbox".

One of the options to answer the question is “pay with bitcoin”. In addition to other alternatives such as debit card.

Diversifying payment methods would save users from waiting for payment approval on their debit and credit card. Especially if you want to limit the amount of information you want to share for identification and verification.

The People's Currency

The mass adoption of BTC appears to have come true. Demand for the digital asset is growing dramatically, whether by institutional or retail investors. Investors began to trust the asset more after the adoption of renowned players in the market, such as the entry of Tesla and MicroStrategy.

Microsoft's initiative follows this line and shows that the technology company remains tuned, adapting to market trends and changes. If the company adopts Bitcoin as a means of payment, the decision may influence other companies to do the same, generating a chain feedback effect.


Morel Hernandes

Writer passionate about politics, economics, blockchain and crypto-currencies.