Bitcoin exceeds $ 40,000, doubling its value in three weeks

English Jan 7, 2021

Our favorite cryptocurrency reached $ 40,000 today, January 7, at the last psychologically significant milestone in its price.


In the cryptocurrency market, where freedom reigns, corrections happen sooner or later and it seems that they are not far away. On twitter, several users are already preparing their selling position in the short term with an eye on a negative fluctuation of 20-30%. For those looking for the long term, the projections continue to point to $ 100,000 or more per currency.

Therefore, it is necessary to act with great caution, prepared to take advantage of the corrections to enter, but also prepared so that, in the event of a sale, you will not miss one of the best opportunities of the century.


Less than a month after Bitcoin exceeded $ 20,000, its price has doubled to $ 40,000, showing the inevitable maturity of cryptocurrencies and their global acceptance. As global firms and institutions start pouring money on it.


The traditional thermometer shows that the markets are in a period of very high euphoria and greed.

Without a doubt, we started 2021 with a lot to celebrate. And this really seems to be just the beginning. However, we cannot fail to look for signs of euphoria, and more than ever, operate with caution in these unknown seas.


Morel Hernandes

Writer passionate about politics, economics, blockchain and crypto-currencies.