Bitcoin is the largest financial services "company" in the world

English Dec 29, 2020

Binance posted on its news blog a website that tracks the market capitalization of the world's largest financial services institutions. Now, according to this source, Bitcoin is the new champion.

After the recent cryptocurrency hike, Bitcoin surpassed $ 25,000, reaching a beautiful historic high of $ 28,352.63. With that, CompaniesMarketCap placed BTC at the top of its ranking, with $ 492.88 billion in value on December 27.

According to CompaniesMarketCap, Bitcoin surpassed Visa ($ 460 billion market capitalization), JPMorgan Chase ($ 380 billion), MasterCard ($ 335 billion) and PayPal ($ 259 billion) in their ratings.

Anthony Pompliano, a staunch supporter of Bitcoin, drew attention to this subject on social media, bringing a deeper discussion about the merits of Bitcoin as a global financial service, its success and importance to humanity.


Morel Hernandes

Writer passionate about politics, economics, blockchain and crypto-currencies.