Brazilian Central Bank Announces R$ 200 bank note

English Aug 3, 2020

The picture that illustrates this post relates to another correct forecast made by the prophetic American series The Simpsons, highly popular in Brazil.

And, this time, it is not fake: the new R$ 200 bank notes are coming, this month, to make part of the Real family, that, since 2010, has bank notes for R$ 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.

The chosen animal for illustrating the note's back side is the 'Guará' wolf, following the tradition that exists since 1994, of representing in the Real notes, animals from Brazilian fauna.

Among several contexts and managements, few movements made it so clear the depreciation of the 26 years old currency. One could equate this month's movement, of the creation of a new bank note, with the extinction of the R$ 1 bank notes, in 2005.

It is not hard to understand the reason for such changes: as the currency loses value, it is expected a lower demand for low value bank notes, and a higher demand for higher value bank notes.  Such approach is avoided, among several reasons, but also due to the psychological effect that is produced over the national and international market, that the buying power of those who keep the currency is being lost.

Inflaction and currency depreciation have never been so present in Brazilians' daily talks, and mostly in supermarkets. "With R$ 50 in the past, we could buy things for a whole month", it is said. "Nowadays, we can't buy anything."

Brazilians also started seeking new ways to protect their savings, and some try investing in stocks or keeping funds in foreign currencies. Capitual allows users to keep their funds in several currencies, and also in gold, an option considered secure for keeping funds in long term.

Contrary to the inflationary standard of fiat currencies, Bitcoin follows the reverse path: since there is no government entity or company behind it, which would be able to print more bitcoins (which would cause a depreciation), there is a fixed limit that tends to 21 million Bitcoin units that can be mined. After the last Bitcoin is mined, no one will ever be generated. And if we consider that, as time goes by, Bitcoin units are lost, due to private keys loss or death of the owner, we see that Bitcoin, just like Gold, tends to scarcity, which allows us to bet that, mostly in long term, the Bitcoin value tends to grow up, and not to depreciate day after day, as happens to Real.

It will never be needed to create shortcuts to access to higher Bitcoin units, which is what the R$ 200 note is for Real. Actually, there is a tendency for the increase of the usage of the so called "satoshis", Bitcoin's lowest unit (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC). How many cents coins do you have in your wallet right now?


Jefrey Santos

CTO and co-founder at Capitual, programmer and Blockchain engineer. Hobbyist writer from childhood.