Brazilian retail industry reaches new record for Black Friday's purchases

English Dec 4, 2019

Last Friday, Black Friday reached new records in Brazil. The tradition, imported from the United States, is producing huge gains in the Brazilian retail sector, especially in the mobile universe, which according to a report by AppsFlyer, had a beautiful increase of 38% in purchase apps compared to last year. The study also found that in 2019 mobile accounted for 52% of sales revenue on November 28 and 29, a 95% increase over 2018. Another report by E-bit Nilsen also pointed out that in 2019 mobile accounted for 52% of sales revenue on days 28-29.

The report takes into account applications that averaged more than 1,000 daily sales over a period of one week before the date. Basically, 80 apps were identified in the USA and 70 in Brazil, but Brazilian consumers joined mobile more than Americans during Black Friday 2019, totaling 35 million shopping apps, compared to 16 million in the US. Within these apps Brazilians made 4.5 million purchases against 3 million purchases by Americans.


Morel Hernandes

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