Capitual launches incentives for new users of CapConta

English Nov 23, 2021

Brazilian users signing up for CapConta is now even more convenient with Capitual's new incentive campaign. The initiative consists in giving R$ 30 in Bitcoin for those who download the Capitual application, open the CapConta, and make a minimum deposit of R$ 100.  The promotion is valid from November 23 to December 6, 2021. The credit will be available in the customer's account at the end of the promotion.

The campaign aims to reward new customers and encourage those users who have not yet migrated to the CapConta to make this good decision. This type of account gives the client individual branch and account data and is guaranteed by National Treasury Financial Bills (LFT).

Among the functionalities available, the CapConta allows salary portability at no cost, is compatible with many local types of money transfers as PIX, TED, DOC, instant internal transfers, and allows withdrawals at the ATMs of the Banco 24Horas network.

One of the biggest advantages that CapConta users have is the ability to make balance transfers instantly to partner brokers and to access new assets that are progressively incorporated at the users' request.

How it works

To participate in the promotion, you need to access Capitual's new mobile app, available on IOS and Android, and register. For those who already have an account with the digital bank, you must download the new application and update your registration. This is an important step to reinforce security.  Once approved, a process that must be carried out quickly and in compliance with legal requirements, the customer will have access to the new system. On the desktop, the update is automatic and will also request an update of the account holder's data.


Morel Hernandes

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