Companies have more than $ 30 billion in Bitcoin

English Dec 28, 2020

Companies have more than $ 30 billion in Bitcoin

Some selected companies around the world now have a total of more than 1.15 million Bitcoins. This amounts to more than $ 30 billion in cryptocurrencies.

The numbers, released by Bitcoin Treasuries, show that 29 companies own 5.48% of Bitcoin's total offering. Among all the listed companies, MicroStrategy has the most. With the enviable amount of more than 70,000 cryptocurrency units - or $ 1.8 billion in cryptocurrencies.

Other publicly traded companies on the list of those that own Bitcoin include the investment firm Galaxy Digital, with $ 448 million; the payments company Square, with more than $ 126 million; and mining company Hut 8, which has US $ 79 million.

Bitcoin Treasuries also lists companies "similar to ETFs", such as Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ($ 15.6 billion) and CoinShares ($ 1.9 billion).

In fact, most of the companies on the list operate in some way related to cryptocurrency. But that seems to be about to change, since the Tesla founder said he was considering switching his dollar reserve for bitcoins after his twitter followers "convinced him".

Undoubtedly, given the success of the currency and of the pioneering companies that put their skin at stake when purchasing cryptocurrencies, we will increasingly see the treasuries of serious companies making the same decision and being rewarded for it.


Morel Hernandes

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