Enthusiast built complete node with Lightining on the Tor network

English May 25, 2020

A Twitter user managed to synchronize and run a full Bitcoin node (Full Node) with Lightning through Tor, using a machine for just $ 250. According to him, the process took only 65 hours to synchronize with the network.

The initiative shows how the Bitcoin network is democratic, private, versatile and resilient. With only US $ 250, a price lower than that of many mobile devices, the user was able to assemble and run his own complete node and on the Tor network, so that his ISP is not able to recognize that it is a node and the participants of the network they don't know their location.

Why have a Full Node?

The main advantages are privacy and autonomy, because when executing a complete node you can be sure that all transactions that are validated by it meet the requirements of the network, with no chance of double expenses or interference in the blockchain. In addition, there is no need to provide personal, IP or wallet information to third parties.

Required hardware

To complete the project the user used as a base a Raspberry Pi4 (4gb), which is a small low cost computer made especially for small projects, a case, a 1TB SSD HD and an SD card.


Morel Hernandes

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