Ethereum-based social network already has 2.5 million users

English May 28, 2020

Many social media users are losing faith, especially on Twitter, after a series of company updates put their users' privacy at risk.

In Thailand, due to fear of losing anonymity, Thai dissidents are migrating en masse to a little-known platform, Minds, based on Ethereum.

The social networking platform is distributed and seeks to protect against data breaches and surveillance. The first time it got the spotlight was in 2015, when it gained support from the anonymous activist group, popularly known as "Anonymous".

Billed as one of several 'anti-facebook' social networks to emerge following Facebook's privacy scandals, Minds stands out from the crowd with its crypto-centric approach.

Built on the Ethereum network, this social network uses ERC-20 tokens to reward its community. In turn, users can use tokens to promote content or sponsor the exclusive content of other users.

The platform is now finding a whole new user base. After a mass exodus from Twitter in May, the network said it had won over 100,000 new Thai users.

For many years Twitter has been the stronghold of many Thai dissidents who have rebelled against their country's strict speech laws. While most avoid Facebook due to the obligation to use real names, Twitter's acceptance of accounts using pseudonyms has kept Thais on good terms with the platform - until now.

Earlier this month, Twitter published a blog post announcing a partnership with the Thai government. This was followed by an update to Twitter's privacy policy, allowing the platform to share "device-level data", such as IP addresses, with business partners. This served as a warning to many Thais, who jumped ship.


Morel Hernandes

Writer passionate about politics, economics, blockchain and crypto-currencies.