Ethereum joins the Top 100 biggest assets in the world

English Jan 8, 2021

Ethereum has joined Bitcoin in the top 100 list of the largest assets by market cap. It is currently ranked 97, according to the CompaniesMarketCap analysis platform.

The platform tracks the market capitalization of various assets, such as shares of public companies, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and exchange-traded funds. Market capitalization is a combined price of all the assets of a company or, in the case of Ethereum, the price of all ETH currently in circulation.

So far, Ethereum is trading for about $ 1,200. This growth pushed ETH's market capitalization to more than $ 140 billion and placed it in the top 100, overtaking Citigroup, Philip Morris and Charter Communications.

Notably, this shows that investors of all classes, both individuals and large institutions, are serious about buying cryptocurrencies to compose their portfolios. Otherwise, the values ​​would never reach that magnitude.


Morel Hernandes

Writer passionate about politics, economics, blockchain and crypto-currencies.