Harvard University partners with Filecoin to democratize knowledge

English Aug 2, 2022

The Filecoin Foundation (FFDW) has announced that it will support a joint initiative with the Library Innovation Lab (LIL) at Harvard University, the project will be called “Democratizing Open Knowledge”.

With the support of the FFDW, LIL plans to explore decentralized technologies that can preserve digital information.

Democratizing Open Knowledge aims to help libraries “share knowledge through technology”.

Technologies include specific tools such as the Filecoin network and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

IPFS is essentially a P2P system for storing files, websites, applications and data in a distributed file system. While Filecoin is a blockchain project, written in open source, built on IPFS distributed network.

According to the announcement by the Filecoin Foundation, the partnership aims, through the collaborative efforts of the two institutions, to use technology to help establish “trusted sources” and the “long-term preservation of digital information”.


Morel Hernandes

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