Interest in Bitcoin reaches maximum in social media

English Jan 4, 2021

Analytical data from Twitter indicates that as Bitcoin continues to set historical records, social media interest in digital currency is also skyrocketing to new records on several important metrics.

In a tweet on Saturday night, TIE, a data company, showed that the number of unique users on Twitter tweeting about Bitcoin reached a new historic record, eclipsing the 64,000 mark last seen during the peak of 2017 bull run:

The number of unit accounts that posted on Bitcoin reached 70,000 for the first time, and the total volume of tweets eclipsed the 135,000 high of December 2017 reaching 140,000. Not enough, the overall number of tweets about all cryptocurrencies has also reached a new high, accounting for almost 250,000 over a 24-hour period.

Now is Different

Although on social media the number has broken historical records, on search engines 2017 remains the peak in the number of searches performed.

For all those who lived through that period of insane highs, and now look at the chart above, we cannot fail to notice that the chart is very similar to the year 2017, so the right question to ask is: is it different now ?


Morel Hernandes

Writer passionate about politics, economics, blockchain and crypto-currencies.