Mexico's second most rich man invests 10% in Bitcoin

English Nov 23, 2020

The second richest man in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, is the latest billionaire to talk about his position in cryptocurrency. In a tweet recently posted, he revealed that he holds 10% of his net portfolio in assets and indicated his followers a book on Bitcoin.

Ricardo is the founder of Grupo Salinas, a company founded in 2001 with interests in consumer electronics, sports and television networks. According to Forbes magazine, his fortune is approximately $ 11.7 billion.

The sentiment is similar to what we are increasingly see being said in the four corners of the world: it is necessary to maintain Bitcoin as a protection against the incessant printing of money and the increase in inflation that may come in the coming years.

These concerns are not exaggerated and have already been brought up first hand here on CapBlog! Countries like Venezuela, Argentina, Iran, and a few others are currently suffering from rampant inflation and the absolute devaluation of their fiat currencies, while those who have relied on Bitcoin's deflationary nature are seeing their assets surpass the $ 18,000 mark.


Morel Hernandes

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