Picasso family is minting NFTs

English Mar 2, 2022

Marina Picasso, granddaughter of legendary painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, released a statement on YouTube in which she expressed support for NFT technology and shared that she and her family will “continue to produce NFTs.”

Pablo Picasso's granddaughter said she has a 30-year-old son who is passionate about NFTs and who encouraged her to discover technology that allows us to connect with art.

“It really appealed to me. And that's how I decided with my son to create our first NFT collection.”

Despite celebrities promoting the project, few units have actually sold since the collection launched nearly three weeks ago.

Family Disagreement

Initially, some members of the Picasso family had a different opinion about issuing works in the form of NFT digital files. However, Marina claims to have resolved the disagreements by talking to family members.

“I have the support of my uncle, Claude Picasso… he dedicated his life to protecting the legacy of my grandfather, his father”. Marina added that Claude has now "endorsed" the technology, and the family will "continue to produce NFTs."

A Picasso Administration attorney told the Associated Press in January that only Claude could approve the NFT project as Pablo Picasso's official. Now, it looks like that possibility may be back on the table.

Picasso was always creative. His family seems to have inherited this trait by honoring him and ensuring that his legacy lives on for posterity and is known to the younger generation through NFT technology.


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