Trump: all tariffs on China will be removed after 'phase 2' of the trade agreement

English Jan 18, 2020

Recently, during the signing of the agreement between the two countries, the President Donald Trump stated that all tariffs imposed on products from China will be withdrawn by the United States after "phase 2" of the trade agreement between the two powers. He said that he hopes to resolve all trade issues with the Chinese in the next stage of negotiations and that this agreement does not extend to a "phase 3".

"China and I will start negotiating the next stage of agreement very, very soon. I hope there is no stage 3," he added. In detailing the content of the agreement that was signed in Washington, Trump highlighted Chinese purchases of $ 200 billion in various American products and services. He also said that China will buy US $ 50 billion in American agricultural products and put US $ 75 billion in American industry.


Morel Hernandes

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