Twitter integrates Bitcoin making Lightning nodes to skyrocket up over 20%

English Sep 27, 2021

Twitter last week launched Bitcoin-based payment features, including support for Lightning wallets, as part of a larger plan to support content producers within the platform.

The company announced the features in a call with reporters, stating that "Bitcoin operates without global barriers."

Twitter users will have two options for employing Bitcoin tips. The first is through a menu of payment options that includes Square's Cash App and Go Fund Me, which will allow users to send tips to a Bitcoin address or send money in a more conventional way.

The other is through Strike, a Bitcoin payment application built on the Lightning Network - a service called Layer 2 that aims to improve speed and reduce transaction costs.

With the integration, Lightning Network's new nodes and channels increased 23.68% and 22.24%, respectively, in the first 24 hours. The increase in activity is expected to remain steady as other platforms and digital businesses are expected to follow suit with Twitter, adding support for Bitcoin-based payments, including Lightning wallets.


Morel Hernandes

Writer passionate about politics, economics, blockchain and crypto-currencies.