UK health service to use blockchain to manage COVID-19 vaccine

English Jan 20, 2021

A blockchain network is being used by a UK-based digital asset tracking provider to provide the country's National Health Service with a complete system to manage the storage of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Several of the COVID-19 vaccines require deep-frozen storage to remain effective, posing a significant challenge for public and private health services worldwide.

To ensure that the maintenance of the COVID-19 vaccine can be monitored in a safe and transparent manner by participants in the UK distribution process, blockchain technology will be used for vaccine monitoring and tracking.

The solution will provide verifiable date / time and event ordering across the vaccine supply chain, allowing healthcare facilities to securely share and query data with other participants involved in the vaccine distribution chain - including pharmaceutical suppliers, healthcare facilities centralized storage and transportation companies.

Other countries like Brazil have already recognized blockchain as a valuable tool to ensure that vaccine delivery is monitored transparently and efficiently. With increasingly frequent uses in several areas, blockchain technology has conquered space in society and dramatically increased the quality of life, albeit in a discreet way.


Morel Hernandes

Writer passionate about politics, economics, blockchain and crypto-currencies.