Ukraine launches NFT Museum of War

English Mar 28, 2022

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine today announced the launch of the Meta History Museum of War, which features only NFTs.

The museum will be completely digital. The collection, made with the support of the ministry, chronicles recent events in the war between Russia and Ukraine, including personal reflections by Ukrainian and international digital artists.

Everything on the site is available for purchase - with each image connected to an NFT, which uses the Ethereum network. Interestingly, all digital museum images remain hidden until they are sold, which means the buyer doesn't know what they are buying until they have bought it.

Each NFT from the “Warline” collection will cost 0.15 ETH (about $468 USD), with the assets sold in chronological order of the dates described. Funds from the sale of the NFTs will go directly to official cryptocurrency accounts held by the Ministry of Digital Transformation to support the army and civilian aid.

Since the start of the Russian invasion, Ukraine has raised over $100 million in cryptocurrency donations.


Morel Hernandes

Writer passionate about politics, economics, blockchain and crypto-currencies.